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At Davies General Contracting in North Carolina, we take pride in delivering top-notch general contracting services across the state of North Carolina, with a specialization in quick-service restaurant (QSR) construction. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, we have successfully executed numerous projects, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner for QSR restaurant owners and operators.

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Whether you’re an established QSR brand expanding into North Carolina or a new restaurant owner looking to make a mark in the industry, Davies General Contracting in North Carolina is here to transform your vision into reality. We understand the unique challenges of the industry and the specific needs of QSR construction, and we are dedicated to ensuring your restaurant’s success.

Our QSR Contracting Services

Design and Planning

Our team of skilled architects and designers work closely with you to create a restaurant design that not only reflects your brand but also maximizes functionality and efficiency.

Permitting and Compliance

We navigate the complex landscape of permits and regulations in North Carolina, ensuring your project complies with all local and state laws.

Site Preparation

From site clearing to utilities installation, we prepare your location for construction.

Construction Management

We manage every aspect of the construction process, including subcontractor coordination, quality control, and project scheduling to ensure an on-time and on-budget completion.

Why Choose Davies General Contracting?

With a track record spanning years, we understand the unique challenges of QSR construction in North Carolina.

We have a deep understanding of the local market and regulations, making us a valuable asset in ensuring your project’s success.

We work diligently to keep your project on budget without compromising quality.

Our commitment to project scheduling ensures that your QSR restaurant opens on time, allowing you to start serving your customers sooner.

We take pride in delivering high-quality work, ensuring your restaurant’s longevity and success.

We keep you informed throughout the entire construction process, making sure you are always up to date with the progress of your project.

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