Subcontractor Requirements/Qualifications

To qualify as a Subcontractor for Davies General Contracting LLC. the following requirements must be met:

  1. A Certificate of Insurance needs to be e-mailed directly from your insurance agent. A sample certificate is attached for your convenience. It MUST include General Liability and Worker’s Compensation. All Certifcates of Insurance should be sent to
  2. A completed Form W-9 needs to faxed, e-mailed or mailed. A Form W-9 is attached for your convenience. Please note: If a Social Security number is provided, an individual’s name MUST appear in the first box labeled “Name (as shown on your income tax return)”. All Form W-9 should be sent to
  3. Please complete the form below to ensure your company is added to our system. Once on our bid list, your company will be sent an email invitation to bid. All bids should be sent to

If you have any questions about these items, please feel free to contact our office at:

We appreciate you taking the time to introduce your company to Davies General Contracting LLC., and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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