Davies General Contracting is a full-service contractor that can assist clients from the conception to completion of their projects. Clients can be assured of the quality and professionalism of the DGC staff and its extensive in-house resources, tailored to the unique needs of each client and project. DGC services include:


  • Pre-construction Estimating - Providing project estimating and a reliable, timely cost model drawn from a deep database.
  • Value Engineering - Analyzing project costs for building system alternatives.
  • Scheduling - Developing a complete team schedule showing who and what goes where and when.
  • MEP Review - Evaluating evolving mechanical, electrical and plumbing system concepts and coordinating engineering services.
  • Constructability Review - Determining ease and speed of the building process.
  • Risk Management - Controlling cost, schedule, and owner objectives to mitigate risk.
  • Cost Control - Providing the most efficient design and construction methods to achieve value.
  • Quality Control - Monitoring methods, procedures and checks from the start to finish with the goal of meeting established standards.


  • Progress Monitoring - Monitoring actual versus forecasted schedule/budget.
  • Change Order Management - Limiting the needs for revisions.
  • Quality Control and Testing - Validation of actual to specifications.
  • Labor Relations - Proactive resolution of potential issues.

Post - Construction

  • Commissioning - Ensuring that building systems are designed, installed, and activated according to the owner's operational needs.
  • Lien Releases - Severing of contractual ties to vendors.
  • O & M Manuals - Development of operations and maintenance instructions.
  • Final Closeout - Completion of punch list items.
  • One-Year Walkthrough - Final verification of operational status. Long after the one-year walkthrough DGC will be there for our clients to help them with any situation that might arise. Our number one goal at DGC is customer satisfaction. If you are not happy, we are not happy.

Services Overview




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